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Nanaimo Ultimate Disc Experience Society

Welcome to the NUDES homepage for the Ultimate players here in beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Ultimate Frisbee is a fun, fast-paced, self-officiated sport that has immediate addictive qualities. Just ask any one of the new and veteran players who come for the pleasure of chasing and throwing plastic!

So what is 'Ultimate'?

Ultimate can be compared to football (there are 2 end zones and the frisbee (disc) must be caught in a zone for a point) and basketball (you pass the disc to your fellow team mates and you can't run with it). Each team has a maximum of 7 players on the field at one time. One team is determined to have possession (on offence) while the other team will try to prevent them from scoring.

A game (and every point) begins with one team 'Pulls' the disc to the other end of the field. A typical field will be 40 yards wide x 70 yards in length and has 2 end zones that are 15 feet deep.

After the Pull, the receiving team becomes the offence and will begin passing the disc up the field toward the other end zone to score a point. If the disc touches the ground after a pass or is intercepted by the other team, a turnover occurs and the possession of the disc changes. The teams are always switching sides to begin playing because when a point is scored, the other team must walk back to the other end zone.

This is a non-contact sport BUT attempts to catch a disc before it hits the ground can certainly result in field contact for some. Most games will be played until one team scores to 15 (that's 15 catches in the end zone!)

Because this game is not professional and is self-officiated (no referee required), there is strong Spirit of sportsmanship in Ultimate. The level of play can vary and so can the competitiveness but underlying this sport is mutual respect between players. No dangerous attitudes, intentional foul plays and other negative aggressions are welcome.


Check out the Nanaimo Ultimate Association logo! NUA are local players encouraging recruitment and helping organize Nanaimo ultimate.

Sound Interesting?

We welcome you to come try or just watch a game, click on Where we Play to find out where you'll find us playing all year. We always have new faces joining us, just bring your runners (cleats preferred!) and be ready for some fun.

If you'd like to email us for more information:

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