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Udderbowl 2002 Testimonials

 Hi Scott,

Thanks for putting on a great tournament,

Leah Bowen (Calgary)
Thanks Scott from me and my team for hosting a perfectly awesome Udder Bowl
Tourney! We had a blast and are very impressed by you and your judges! We
love our "beautiful" spirit award! I will get plates made for Swiffer and
Salt Spring for next year. And we'll see you then. In the meantime maybe you
will be joining a little Nanaimo/Salt Spring game every now and again!
Thanks again! It was the most fun I've had at a tournament! laura and SSUC
It Up (or whatever our name is!)
Laura Moore, Saltspring Island
Hey Scott,
Thanks again for being such a great host, I really had a great time at your
tournament, it was really well organized and the atmosphere was
unbelievable. Way to get the weather to cooperate also.
Mark Knettig, Electric Mayhem

Udderbowl 2001 Testimonials

Thank you very much for running a great tournament, we had a great time and everyone on the team commented on how well things were run. We very much look forward to coming back next year.
Thanks again,
Alison Thompson, Weeble Ultimate Club

Everybody on Swiffer had a fantastic time this weekend You did a great job and ran an excellent tournament. However it was a little disturbing how much we all enjoyed that eighties music ;-) Thanks again and we'll see you soon
Peter Eller

Once again thanks for the great tournament. Way to order up some soft fields and sun! How did the final go? Who did the Weenies play? We had to catch the ferry so we missed the last game.
Dan Wilson Phat Kids

Hi Scott,
Just wanted to thank you for a great weekend! Our whole team had a ton of fun. You guys sure know how to organize a tournament! Please thank everyone else who was involved.
Tired, but satisfied,
Paul Madill

Hey ya Scott,
Thanks for a fine time again. Illegal Smile marks Udder Bowl as one of the top tourneys every year. I hope you don't have too much trouble getting those fields again next year. Is there a contact for that facility that I can contact and thank and put in a good word for you from the BCDSS?
In the rush to get my bus full of ungrateful passengers on the 3 pm ferry yesterday I left without getting back my fields. How shall we work it out? I left 5 sets of 8 orange cones and something like 30 yellow ones (but I really have no idea how many yellows there were). There was also a pretty ugly bag that they were all jammed in. I hope you recover happily. Maybe you'll be coming out for Flower Bowl? Or perhaps some beer with me at C-Fest?

Thanks for all your hardwork with Udder Bowl. Bellingham had a blast and someday we won't have to play Hog Fuel first game on Sunday! ;o) One thing, do you have the contact email for the Whistler team? I think his name is Steve?
Thanks again... Ray Birks